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Hello and welcome! I'm Andrea

I believe that getting to know my clients is the #1 way to ensure an awesome experience, I’d love to tell you a little about me!

I've been a wedding and portrait photographer for 15 years now, and I bring that experience with me to every wedding and session I photograph. I am passionate about creating stunning photographs that you'll want to hang on your wall and future generations will awe over. My photography style is soft, ethereal, and romantic, while also being clean, bright, and joyful! I feel that I'm able to capture the poised, elegant side of each client I photograph, as well as the candid and fun side of them! 

About Andrea

I’m so excited that you found me!

I have a big family, including 4 sisters and 3 brothers that I’m close with. 

I lived in France for 3 months and love anything Paris-themed! 

My husband and I love watching FRIENDS and The Office! 

Family, Always


Binge Watch

I’m afraid of spiders, but have a a pet snake.

I’ve worked as a nanny and a  teacher.

My favorite movie is The Princess Bride. 

I homeschool my oldest son, who is in 4th grade now!

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Super mom

I went full time with photography in 2015. 

I photographed my first wedding in 2009 for a friend.

I photographed my first portrait session in 2010 for a friend.

Career change

First Wedding


I have my BA in Christian Education. 

We live in central Maine, but I love to travel!

We have two sons, Zane and Lincoln, and a daughter named Eden.

I’ve been married to my husband, Steve, for 11 years! 

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Fun Facts

My business is an extension of who I am, and I will always show my clients how important they are to me with clear and fast communication as well as providing them with a beautiful product. 


I want my clients to know I am a real person behind the lens, and I want to capture who they are at their core as well!


I always send preview photos within 48 hours of each wedding/session, and full galleries are always delivered in 3-6 weeks.


I love getting to know each of my clients, and for them to get to know me. Doing this helps my clients feel more comfortable in front of the camera, which elevates their whole experience with me! I talk a lot during sessions, not because I feel like I have to, but because I love learning more about them! 


I am a Christian, and I love God. I don't expect my clients to have the same beliefs as I do, but I do expect them to respect my beliefs, and I will of course respect theirs!


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