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Perhaps they've just had their first bath, and you've just put them in their adorable outfit for the first time, and they are yawning, or hiccuping, or smiling in their sleep for the first time - these are all things that can be captured during a Fresh 48 session!

Do you imagine the first  photos of your baby to be when they are barely a day old? 

Fresh 48 sessions are done in the hospital, within 48 hours of the baby's birth. One thing that surprised me most when my son was born, was how much he changed DAY to DAY in the first week or two of his life. I had a birth photographer, as well as a Fresh 48 photographer, and of course I took some pictures of my own, and I swear he looks like a completely different baby at each session! This type of session isn't about perfect posing, or theatrical backdrops - it's about remembering those sweet couple of days after your child's birth. The hospital band is still on their ankle, with a matching one on each parent's wrist, and they're still in a very sleepy mode, adjusting to the bright lights around them. Maybe their big brother/sister is coming in to meet the baby for the first time - I'd love to capture their reaction! And Mom, don't feel like you have to have your hair done or look perfect - you just gave birth! Really, we just want to capture the essence of your sweet family in a very natural way. I'd love to be able to give you some beautiful memories of this time, because trust me, it will feel like such a blur years later! I typically book these sessions Sunday through Fridays, in the morning or afternoons. I recommend having the baby fed before I come, but I do build in extra time for feeding, changing, comforting, and of course a few interruptions from the nurses! 

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See your full portrait gallery within 3-6 weeks of your session

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Receive a few sneak peeks within 24 hours of your session

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Contact me when baby arrives and schedule your session

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- Rebecca Blank

 The photos speak for themselves, each and every one is simply perfect and looks like it is out of a magazine. But Andrea herself is equally as awesome and the kind of person you want to be around. She photographed our elopement and then just did our family photos and we can’t wait for the next time we do pictures with Andrea again.

"Andrea is simply the best."

Kind words from past clients

Once I have answered any questions you may have and you have decided that the Andrea Simmons Portrait Experience is exactly what you’re looking for, the next step is booking. You can save your date by signing your contract and paying your retainer fee online. 

How do we move forward with booking our portrait session? 

Reach out to me as soon as labor starts if possible so I can look ahead in my schedule and find a time to come see you once the baby arrives! When the baby is here, let me know, and we will work together to decide the best day/time to come while you're in the hospital.

how do we schedule our session when we're not sure when the baby will arrive?

I average between 60 and 120 final edited images for portrait sessions. I love delivering my client’s files quickly and easily via an online gallery. You will have the ability to print, share and download your images as much as you want. 

How many images will I receive from my portrait session? 

You will get a sneak peek of your images within 1-2 days of your session! My turnaround time for the full gallery averages between 3 and 6 weeks, though most portrait sessions are delivered within 4 weeks. 

what is the turnaround time for receiving my final digital images?

I offer professional prints for sale in your online gallery. These are optional, as you will already have the digital images available for download, and a print release. The prints are reasonably priced, and are shipped right to your home within 1-2 weeks.  

Can I order prints from you? 

I always allot extra time for babies to be changed, fed, and soothed during our session! Sometimes those photos are some of my favorites! 

What if my baby is fussy during the session or needs feeding?

Absolutely! We will try to schedule a time that I can come while the siblings are also there so they can be included in photos. 

Are siblings allowed in photos?

I offer a discount for clients wishing to book more than one session at once. If you book 2 sessions (for example, a Maternity and Fresh 48 session), I will take $100 off the combined price of the sessions. If you book 3 sessions, I will take $150 off the combined price.  

Do you offer multiple session discounts? 

I believe every client should leave their session happy and relaxed, knowing we had fun and got some great images! I think the candid photos are just as important as the posed photos, so I go back and forth to get both during every session! 

What is your shooting style for our portrait session

Nope! I charge based on my time, so you can include as many extra people as you want in your session! Just keep in mind that more people will mean more time spent posing and arranging. I love extended family sessions, the more the merrier!

Do you charge extra for more people in the photos?



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I can't wait to talk to you more about your photography dreams and wishes. I only book a limited number of portrait sessions per month, so please reach out so we can make this happen for you!


I’m so glad you contacted me! I can’t WAIT to photograph you (and your family)! Just remember, this WILL be fun, and you will have professional, beautiful portraits to remember this time in your life! I’m so glad you’re choosing to get in the photo, because life goes by WAY too fast! Your future children and grandchildren will look back on these photos and see what an incredible person you are! See you at your session!

Thank you so much for reaching out!